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    As a proud parent, a Massachussett resident, and a strong advocate. I am committed to fighting equitable policies for ALL communities to include our disability population, to empower the power of parents, school and community partnerships, and implement policies that will improve academic performance. I promise to lead with passion, dignity and transparency.



    Evaluation Sub Committee
    BHR Room W-218
    800 Randolph Street
    Canton, MA 02021
    District School Committee Meeting
    BHR Room W-218
    800 Randolph Street
    Canton, MA 02021
    FY23 Budget Public Hearing
    Notice of FY23 Budget Hearing at Blue Hills Regional Technical School

    In accordance with the provisions of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, OPEN MEETING LAW, G.L.
    c. 30A, you are hereby notified that the Blue Hills Regional Vocational School District Committee will
    conduct a PUBLIC HEARING on the FY23 Blue Hills Regional Technical School District Budget. This
    Public Hearing will take place on March 1, 2022 at 7:00 P.M. in Room W218. Printed copies of the
    budget may be obtained from the office of the Business Manager, Michelle Resendes, at
    mresendes@bluehills.org. Following this hearing, the District School Committee will conduct the business
    on its regular meeting schedule.

    Media Coverage

    In FocusEducational advocate Yahaira Lopez named Randolph rep on Blue Hills School Committee

    “Vocational education programs play a critical role in the lives of students in marginalized groups; they help build up students through a student-centered lens that helps break systemic inequities in access to trade jobs that can break generations of poverty and discriminatory practices,” Lopez said. “I am honored to be in community with the Blue Hills Regional Technical School to build a better and more equitable vocational education system that is inclusive for all.” – Lopez

    Meet Yahaira Lopez, the woman leading current protests at "Mass and Cass"

    The present day movement

    Back in the present, Lopez is now commuting weekly to the South End hoping to be a voice for people she says have been forgotten in the struggle to address addiction, homelessness and poverty on the streets around them.

    Lopez has faced cooccurring demonstrations from harm reduction advocates who say she and her group are ganging up with one dimensional attacks on vulnerable homeless populations

    But, Lopez insists she’s simply calling for comfort. She says she’s speaking out hoping the residents of the South End and Roxbury can coexist peacefully and safely while tackling the challenges they face with support from elected officials.

    Her political style is uniquely molded by a childhood in the city and an adult life in the suburbs. So, she says, she’s shouting all this with vigor.

    “I’m a big grassroots person,” Lopez said, “…I’m very bold and unapologetic in my form of advocacy. I want to hold elected officials accountable.”

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    Would you like to join our Parentvocacy efforts?

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